Monday, December 12, 2011

The hippo mom has been a bit out of it lately.

      Somehow, November kicked my fitness oriented self to the curb.  Maybe it was having a kid in the hospital.  Maybe it was hosting national overeating day.  Maybe it was just the weather changing.
     My November fitness plan involved raking two houses yards twice each.  I guess if we count each day raking a yard as a weeks worth of exercise, I still made goal.  I definitely made it if you count the hours upon hours of shopping I put in at the end of November too.  I park in the back of lots, and carry bags instead of pushing carts out the store.  Surely that's something.
    December, with all it's candy, cookies, and another holiday food fest, or two, or three....isn't looking a lot better on the diet front.  On the up side, of the thirty five pounds I've lost, only three have come back to visit.
     On the exercise front, I'm toying with options. 
    I enjoy walking, especially if it's "crisp", not "Freezing."   The trick is to walk farther than Wal-Mart or Quick Trip.  Walking is free...except for what I spend at Wal-Mart or QT.   Si Guy and I get some playground time in to when the weather is okay.
    I do miss the community center, but money, gas, and kid schedules really mucked things up once we got back into school and sports.  I think this is the direction I may head back in, now that we're down to just basketball.
   Mr. Man's work offers a discounted membership at several places.  Only one is a couples deal though, and I just don't see too many hippos hanging out at Gold's Gym.  24 hour fitness looks fun, and has childcare, and doesn't have a monthly payment plan.   The other two, Jazzercise & Curves, are the closest to our home.  The thing with those is I'm not sure there's enough variety available in what they offer to keep this hippo happy.
   That's what brings me back to the community center.  I can do tai chi on Monday, and aqua aerobics on Tuesday, and try spin again if I ever feel masochistic.  So it really is coming down to convenience, or variety?  Which one is more important to keep me keeping at it?

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