Thursday, August 18, 2011

back to yoga

I took the summer "off" yoga.  My lower back did not thank me, so I went today...and then remembered why I took my "break."
Yoga is hard.  Yoga is hot.  Yoga is my muscles being to the point of quivering, threatening to collapse.  Yoga is pain.
After I left class though, I felt better because of the other side of yoga.
Yoga is being in the now.  Yoga is clearing your mind.  Yoga is remembering to breathe deeply.  Yoga is about embracing your limits and then expanding them.  Yoga is being centered.  Yoga is there for the challenge, and as long as you take the challenge you are successful.  There is no try in yoga.  You just do.  Maybe that's why it rhymes with Yoda.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Launch Day!

Today is the first day of school for my four oldest kids.  Three of them woke up on their own before 6:30 am.  Amazing.   New outfits, new backpacks, new shoes, new lunch boxes.  Each and every kid was excited to pack their lunch.  Also amazing.  All the kids enjoyed a hot breakfast.  All were ready to go.  Dad dropped off the three elementary kids, and the brand new 7th grader headed to the bus stop.
I turned on PBS for the youngest two, and sat down with a sigh a relief.
8:26am, the 7th grader returns.
"Mom, the bus didn't show up."
"Okay guys, shoes on and in the car NOW!"
We made it, at 8:42.  Horribly close to the official 8:45 start time.  This would never do.
The bus company had warned me that if they didn't anticipate any students at a stop, they might skip it.  I had changed our address with them(twice.)  Did it not take?
So I came home and called the bus company.
"The bus driver was late.  Arrived at the stop at 8:22."
One minute after my almost tearful 7th grader gave up.  Argh.
A friend reminded us that "bus riders don't count as late if the bus is late."
BUT it's the first day!  At a new school!  I wanted this to be perfect for him!  Standing in the rain for 20 minutes just to have mom drive you isn't perfect.
But  your 4 &5 year old instantly obeying, stop watching tv, and get in the car in less than 3 minutes is.
The seventh grader trying to launch at drop off with a smile is.
The seventh grader saying "thanks mom." is.
The no fighting between the 4 &5 year old in the car is.
The 4 year old, buckling his own seat belt for the first time is.
And maybe, for the twelve year old, knowing mom will have your back in the face of uncertainty is too.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

nonscale victories

In the group I'm in on FB, we have a type of post we call non-scale victories.  I think it's one of the best ideas ever.  It helps us all through those times when we're not "perfect" (like say, every day.)  It keeps us from getting discouraged.  It keeps us from getting too hung up on weight and numbers.  It says, "SEE, this is making a difference!  What you do DOES matter!"  So today, since I'm on another gym lapse until school starts, I thought I'd dedicate this post to nonscale victories, some of which I've already posted on the board.

1) Stairs.  They don't hurt anymore, even going up.  I can walk them one foot each. I don't even think about them, except to marvel at how easy they are when I get to the top.
2) Public restrooms:  I'm not limited to handicapped stalls anymore.  Yep, I was so wide I couldn't "reach" in the regular ones, or my knees would hit the sides.  Not true anymore.
3) Clothes:  They're smaller, and fit better.  I've always been that dreaded "apple" shape.  Now there are more inward curves, so I don't have to buy sizes that are too big in the shoulders and hips to fit across my bust/abs.  I thank aqua aerobics for this.
4) Food.  I'm not feeling too rushed to eat breakfast anymore, because the payoff later in the day is HUGE.  Piece of cheese and fruit takes no time.  Or peanut butter and fruit.  Yeah, my kids became fruitetarians honestly.  Also, cutting down/out junk food is a great way to make room in your grocery budget for better quality proteins.    The kids will adapt.  Really.  Mine did.
5) Self perception:  It's good to feel like I can accomplish something.  It's nice to look in a mirror without squirming.  There is so much more to my mental game and how it's changed and is changing than I can fit in a single blog.

Remember, just keep dancing!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It is August,

at the moment, my gym time has screeched to a halt.  The pool is closed I take aqua at for the next two weeks, and my motivation go to bed early/get up early has been sorely lacking.  Evening is my best window in this heat for cooking and cleaning.   We've been pretty busy with all the back to school and sports starting stuff too.  That does not mean I've given up on my 'be healthier' journey though.

What I've noticed lately is, the change in my perception of food.  I really am starting to not even want food that makes me feel like garbage.  I may think I want it sometimes, but I'm catching myself avoiding it more and more.
There's chocolate syrup available, but I put fresh blueberries on my ice cream instead, because I want to.
The kids make a frozen pizza, but I eat a salad, because I want to.
We ate dinner at BK.  I ordered onion rings, then gave most of them to my kids because I didn't want them.
Obviously, our eating habits are still far from perfect, but my preferences are shifting...and I'm not the only one.  Si Guy always prefers milk to soda.  Princess D eats fruit instead of fries.  My husband has given up soda altogether.  It's a ripple effect, one that will give our family better health and better futures.