Thursday, August 18, 2011

back to yoga

I took the summer "off" yoga.  My lower back did not thank me, so I went today...and then remembered why I took my "break."
Yoga is hard.  Yoga is hot.  Yoga is my muscles being to the point of quivering, threatening to collapse.  Yoga is pain.
After I left class though, I felt better because of the other side of yoga.
Yoga is being in the now.  Yoga is clearing your mind.  Yoga is remembering to breathe deeply.  Yoga is about embracing your limits and then expanding them.  Yoga is being centered.  Yoga is there for the challenge, and as long as you take the challenge you are successful.  There is no try in yoga.  You just do.  Maybe that's why it rhymes with Yoda.

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