Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It is August,

at the moment, my gym time has screeched to a halt.  The pool is closed I take aqua at for the next two weeks, and my motivation go to bed early/get up early has been sorely lacking.  Evening is my best window in this heat for cooking and cleaning.   We've been pretty busy with all the back to school and sports starting stuff too.  That does not mean I've given up on my 'be healthier' journey though.

What I've noticed lately is, the change in my perception of food.  I really am starting to not even want food that makes me feel like garbage.  I may think I want it sometimes, but I'm catching myself avoiding it more and more.
There's chocolate syrup available, but I put fresh blueberries on my ice cream instead, because I want to.
The kids make a frozen pizza, but I eat a salad, because I want to.
We ate dinner at BK.  I ordered onion rings, then gave most of them to my kids because I didn't want them.
Obviously, our eating habits are still far from perfect, but my preferences are shifting...and I'm not the only one.  Si Guy always prefers milk to soda.  Princess D eats fruit instead of fries.  My husband has given up soda altogether.  It's a ripple effect, one that will give our family better health and better futures.

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