Monday, March 28, 2011

Chair Yoga

After my not-so-gentle introduction to yoga through a "gentle yoga" class, I wasn't really sure yoga was something I could do.  Today though, I found it is!
Yes folks, there is a yoga for dummies.  It's called chair yoga.
Led by a perky, enthusiastic gal about my age, I rolled out my mat and set out a folding chair w/ a half dozen ladies twice our age and embarked yet again on the journey.
This class had none of the cursed inverted v positions, so I was ahead right there.
The chair was there for me if the  "tree pose" fell, or I overlunged. 
Towards the end of the class we did the "monster mash."  No, they didn't call it that, but I guarantee you that's what it looked like, especially w/ the Bee-gees playing in the background.
So I learned yoga can be fun.
And the importance of being stacked.  (No, not my massive mammaries, my body alignment!)
And that I can do it. 
And that yoga is not a race.  It's a slow, leisurely walk.   I'll get to walk the dog eventually, but right now I'm just a toddler finding my feet.  and that's okay.

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