Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Judgement day is coming

To keep from an automatic 10% rate hike next year, Mr. M's insurance company is requiring a biometric they can legitimately raise our rates by classes instead.  In a way, that's what got this ball rolling...but I'm glad it did.
Even though there's no way I'll have a "passing" BMI or waist circumference, I'm going in the right direction and motivation is good.
My other numbers will probably all be okay.  They were last year, and I'm eating better and more active now than I was then.  How's the workout schedule going?
Fall has blown it to bits.  I still get to tai chi, most of the time.  I would like to get to aqua more, but at the moment am being thwarted by kid football, soccer, and before school activities.  Si Guy is willing to go to child watch occassionally, so yoga is kind of back in the picture. On the "unofficial" front though, I walk regularly to local stores, walk and play on the playground with my other kids during practices, and walk laps w/ Si at the football I'm still doing something.  It's just a lot more outdoor something and less at the community center.  Come November, I'm sure that'll change.

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