Thursday, September 29, 2011


You Yoga.  Me.  owcha.  That sums out class today pretty well.  It serves me right.  My attendance of late has been well, sporadic.  Almost nonexistent.  I wasn't even really planning on going today.  I just had a moment of guilt.
"Hey, Si, wanna go to child watch today?"  (expecting his usual scream of NO!)
"Sure!  Chil-watch!  Yeah!"  (damn.)
So to yoga we went.  Today was a dog day. (oof.  I mean woof.)  More up and down dogs than I could count.  Thus I spent a lot of time in child and table...because this dog only goes down so many times.  On the plus side I did get to be a warrior princess.  I LOVE the warrior poses.

Si guy was ready by the time I got back.  We rewarded ourselves with an hour at the park.  Outside beats a sweaty studio anytime.

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