Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January Check in.

    Well, I've been sidetracked by some pain issues recently, and it seems I have middle aged mom's syndrome and need my gall bladder removed.   The surgery is next week, so hopefully I will be back in community center form about two weeks after that.
    Yes, I said community center!  I have decided to keep resume to the aqua class & tai chi class I love, and maybe one or two others a week, or not.
   That's because I think I can do the cardio thing with the Wii.  I still play racket sports, and love the bull dodging and cardio boxing on the latin dance disc. 
(The Latin Dance itself, um, awkward.  My hips catch instead of roll it seems.  I'll keep trying.)   The kids love mimicking the instructors too, so it's something I can do around Si...but will probably be more effective when he starts school.
   My big thing this week is I've started tracking my food on again.    It's good to see where I'm doing well, and where I'm still a work in progress.   It's nice seeing the little report at the end of the day.  It's also motivation not to just sit down and randomly graze, because I have to quantify it later!
   Sure there's still a lot of "in progress" to consider.
1) Getting fiber intake back up to 25g a day. 
2)  Consistently getting 60g of protein a day
3) Drinking enough water
4) Getting a "real gym" membership eventually
5) Using more than the nutrition tracker on Sparkpeople

BUT, I am doing something, and that's definitely better than nothing.  I'm a hippo that's about 30lbs lighter than last year.  That's something to dance about.

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