Tuesday, February 7, 2012


    Did you read about the Romanian model on the news?  No girl should sit at home with a bag of mars bars wishing she was fat.  Just like no girl needs to starve herself wishing she was thin.
    Our goals should be about health, and whatever size we are when we are healthy is fine.  Yes, I am losing weight right now and happy about it.  Yes, I am tracking what I eat on Spark.
    Yet if I'm eating decently and exercising  4x a week or more and the scale stops at 200 that's fine.  If I get back to 180 that's fine.  If, by some miracle, I hit the number "I should be" on the chart, that's fine too....but I'm not going to stress about an imaginary goal. 
  There are plenty of other goals to be had.  I recently listed some I have for this year.  Here are some I've reached.

  1) I can now RUN, without pain.  Not very far or long, but even as I child I could not run without pain.
  2) Ditto with multiple flights of stairs going up.
  3) I am not wiped out by our bi-weekly grocery store gauntlet.
  4) I'm slowly learning to ditch the guilt about doing things for myself.
  5)  I am learning how to prioritize things better.  Kids wants do not come before my needs.   Needs come before needs.  Wants come after, no matter whose they are.   They need a healthy mother more than they want what they think they "need." 

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