Saturday, August 18, 2012

school has started again!

I know I haven't checked into hippoland for a while, but hey, I'm a mom.  Life is busy.
I haven't given up the fitness thing entirely..
Over the summer I clocked several hours at the pool, some of them doing aerobicish moves while my kids played, sometimes playing with them, and sometimes reading and sunning nearby.
We now live 1/2 mile from our kids school.  This week I walked to and from with them every day.  So 2 trips Mon & Tues, and three trips Wed, Thurs, and Friday, that clocked in 13 miles of walking.  
Next week I'll add housework.
And then, after master plan kicks in.  With Si Guy gone from 8-11 every day, I can hit the 9am classes at the gym...or dust off my Golds Gym Wii game.  With Mr. man working from home, and how entertaining he finds it to distract me while exercising, I'm strongly motivated towards the gym.

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