Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Aqua at 9am

is a totally different experience than aqua at 5:45 am.
  1) there are about 7x more people there.
  2) I'm mostly awake.
  3) At least on Wednesdays, the teacher is a guy....who likes using water dumb-bells.
    I really enjoyed practicing my boxing moves I learned on the Wii underwater with weights.  I also enjoyed the relative anonymity in a group that size.  All was well until it was time for the dreaded noodle.
   I'm sorry for sounding sexist, but for decency's sake, a guy really shouldn't be teaching a bunch of middle-age/old ladies how to use a least not in a pool.My inner juvenile thought "pole dancing" when the first thing we had to do was straddle it.  We were instructed on having a "happy noodle", and a "sad noodle" as well.  One lady near me shared my thoughts apparently, saying
"I'm not sure I can make mine sad under water.  It's kind of stiff."
  Soon after, we were all waving our noodles in the air.
   Everything after that was kind of anticlimactic.  We cooled down, shook it off, and stretched.  Overall, everyone was friendly, and really, Mr. D was an absolute riot.  Who knows, I may even go back next Wednesday.

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