Tuesday, July 12, 2011

back on track

I've been to Tai Chi Friday & Monday.    The class sizes have shifted.   Friday morning Tai Chi has shrunk down to the core group, and even lost a couple of those to Wednesday afternoon.   I've mentioned before how tai chi is my physical "center" the rest of my exercise ripples out from.  It's also my support group.  One lady in my class mentioned she might start on long form in January. 
"What?  You won't be leaving us, will you?"
"Oh no dear.  This group has become a family."
That describes how I feel too.

 This morning I went to aqua, and it's  gotten big!  (Especially given it's at oh-heck-thirty a.m.)    Today, I'm a bit sore, but I was able to keep up for the most part.  Noodle balancing in deep water is not my strength.  I'm still fat enough my midsection wants to float anyway, so holding it down and a noodle under each foot, walking?  Um...maybe in another twenty five pounds or three months, whichever comes later.  Other than that, the other big shocker wasn't I wasn't the youngest person in the class.  We have added a beautiful, bikini wearing and worthy, member of the under twenty set.     She was sweet, graceful, and someone new to talk to.  It made the class fly by.  Now, my quads and shoulders are informing me the rest of the day will be at a little slower pace, but that's okay.  It's good to be back.

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