Wednesday, July 20, 2011

getting my *spark* back

The last couple of days, I've restarted tracking what I eat on .  Like many things it's a tool.  I like the daily water tracker.  They have greatly improved their food tracker.  It's much easier to use than my last go round.
The only thing that bums me out on this site, is it's "exercise tracker."  Sometimes I don't know what "category" my exercise should go in.  I'd rather have a tool where I enter what I do for how long, and the program tells me if it's "cardio" or "strength training" or whatever other categories are in at the moment.
I understand the point of having variety in our exercise.  Different types of exercise have different benefits. Yet a lot of what I use the site for is "getting a pulse" on what I'm doing, if it's enough, and is it balanced.  The idea of these trackers is to have something quick and convenient.  Spending twenty minutes figuring out which box is the right one to enter tai chi in is neither.
Overall it's a great site, with a wealth of information and articles, support boards, and more.  It sends out weekly e-mails based on my interests, since I want them.  It's a way of keeping "self" accountable and that's a good thing.   It allows you to have "friends" and form your own groups and that's a good thing too.  It's got a lot going for it.  I suspect I'll be more consistent with it once we have a data plan for our phone.  So thank you Spark, for being one of the resources that keeps me trying, whether I feel like it or not.

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