Saturday, July 16, 2011

The week in review.

This week my class schedule looked like this.
Monday-Tai Chi
Tuesday-Aqua Aerobics
Wednesday-Zumba Lite
Thursday-Aqua Aerobics
Friday-cardio dance lite + Tai Chi + shopping

Sure, why not.  We park in the back of the lots because of my van.  After tai chi I went to Penzeys and Whole Foods.  That afternoon we went to ALDI,  Sam's Club & Trader Joes.  I probably got close to a mile of extra walking in, (especially if you include Trader Joes.  Not so smart move going there on opening day.)
Want weights?  A case of 32 24 oz bottles of water comes in at around 50lbs.  Now throw a whole brisket, a pork loin, about 5lbs of cheese, + the bonus sized cleaning supplies in the cart.  My cart at Sams can push 200lbs, especially in sports season w/ the bottled water & gatorade & drinks for kids lunches in there. Juice/milk boxes alone can weigh over 20lbs!
If you want lifting instead of pushing, just forget to have a quarter for ALDI.

The difference is now, I'm not totaled for the entire weekend because of gauntlet.  I made the lighter runs to Kohls, Hy-vee and Price Chopper today, and my first thought is not Ow!  That alone has made gymfest worth it.

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