Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zumba!! (Lite)

Dance classes used to be my favorite.  This go round I felt like the hippo amongst the alligators, very old alligators at that.   But the hippo is still part of the dance, so I fit in okay.  Some things I learned today.
All those lunges from Tai Chi are handy for Zumba.
There are just some things my hips won't do.
Fast music makes the class go faster.
Given time, I can learn new dance routines.

I still am on opposite time.  1-2, 123, is more like 1-2-3,12, oh crud.  Using hand motions too makes it worse.  Still, no one made me feel stupid.  And I was even invited back for "next time."  I need a Wed aerobic thing.  This was way more my speed than cycling, so come next Wednesday I'll try again.

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