Friday, May 20, 2011

Due to unforseen events

I am not in Tai Chi this morning.  Exercise is all about planning.  Somehow I forgot to plan to have the stuff in the house to make E2's lunch this instead of Tai Chi I had to go to Hy-vee.
I still made it back to aqua aerobics yesterday morning, and it felt great!  I'm still no noodle master though.
"Put one noodle under each foot and walk to the shallow end."  (I have to be in the shallow end, near a wall, to even get a noodle under each foot, much less move that way.)
"Sit on two noodles like a swing, and kick back to the deep end."  (I can sit.  I can kick.  I ain't goin nowhere.)
"Hold your noodles out at 45 degree angle from your body, and be deep enough your feet don't touch the floor."  (Yes, I can do this!)
"Keep your shoulders down."  (Okay, I can almost do this.)
"Using your noodle like parallel bars, keeping your legs straight, use your abs to swing your legs up out out the water, and then back behind you."  (This one I could not even attempt 7 weeks ago.  I now can do it, even multiple reps!)
So I am getting oodles better with the noodles.  Like everything else, it just will take time.

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