Monday, May 23, 2011


Those of you who read this, or heck, just skim the titles, know that Tai Chi is the motivating force that the rest of my exercise success ripples from.
Sometimes I feel the dark forces must know that too, and that's why every childcare issue I ever have is on a Tai Chi day.  (I already expanded on today's adventure in my other blog, so I'll skip it here.)
So now I have  a dilemna, do I ditch Monday Tai Chi and try to motivate myself to get up for masochism, I mean cycling,  class at 5:45?
Do I pay a ridiculous sum of money on Monday to stay happy?
Do I just suck it up and be stressed about my kids during my "stress relieving" class?
I forgot to renew for another 30 days today, so I could switch centers too...but that also would be a lot more expensive, and while in the financial battles of financing the kids fall sports, moving, and more I'm pretty sure a cost increase isn't a good idea right now....but neither is quitting.  There would costs for that too down the road that are more than just money.  So what to do, what to do?

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