Monday, May 9, 2011

a new kind of setback

Today I was psyched.  I love Tai Chi.  Then I got to the community center and there was a half hour wait for childcare.  No point in that when on a class schedule~
I was so mad, I called my husband and cried. 
So Matt Ross.  Here's the deal.  My child care was prepaid for so many uses.  The classes are VERY limited in when they are offered.  So how about giving us class members a break, like a link on the schedule for "reserving" child care?
I paid for 30 uses.  It would be nice to use them.  Since this feature could be  prepaid only, you could still "sell" my spot if I'm x minutes late, & charge me.   More money for you, less hassle for me.  We both win. 
If you feel that would be "unfair" to your fitness users, then just put a link on the childcare segment w/ a calendar/ clock in 15 minute increments.   Then at least, when it's "full" I would know it, and not have to waste my time & gas.

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