Saturday, May 7, 2011

Getting back on track.

This week I did get back on track.    I went to Tai Chi on Monday and Friday w/ the ever entertaining G.  It's like living out an exercise class w/ the stars of Grumpy Old Men twice a week, thanks to R, J, and M.
I made it aqua aerobics on Tuesday, Thursday and today w/ the fabulous Ms. V.  That's a real victory given how I still would rather stay up until 4am than get up at 4 am.  My reward:  I get to shower alone, uninterrupted with HOT water.
Those are my base classes.  The ones I feel I "should" do every week.
For bonus points(because everyone knows there's always more points for a dog to give, in this case a downward dog...)
...this week I also went to yoga on Thursday, with a "spicy salsa" theme for cinco de mayo.  It felt more like fire sauce, but that's okay.  E says she'll only up the pace like this once a month.  Note to self.  Skip yoga first Thursdays. check.
*and*  I went to the cycle 101 to learn how to be fit to a bike and go on a "short" ride.  20 minutes did not feel short to me.  Maybe because I'd already done an hour of aqua aerobics before the intro class.  I hope so.  The cycle class is "supposed" to be my other 5:45 alternate, because I'm masochistic like that.
So that's the week in fast track review.  May your journey in hippo land continue.  Just keep dancing!

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