Monday, May 16, 2011

I sound like a Tai Chi commercial.

This morning the childcare was NOT full.  2 points for that.   I moseyed down to class, and there was a confused lady in the doorway looking at the schedule.
"Is this chair yoga?"
"No.  Chair yoga is in this room at 11.  Then 10am class is Tai Chi.  You should stay.  It's still an easy class."
"I don't know anything about Tai Chi."
"That's okay.  G will teach ya.  It's what he's here for!"
G "I'm here for what?"
"To teach new people Tai Chi!"
"Yeah, come on in!"
So another newbie has joined our ranks.  Both Tai Chi classes have grown since I've been there.  I think it's because G keeps it fun.  He advocates movie reviews, jokes, and weather reports during warm ups, so there's a camaraderie among the regulars and it puts the newbies at ease.   
Tai Chi is especially fun if you have an active imagination.  Some of the moves remind me of various chicken actions.  Chicken breast stroke, chicken trying to fly,etc.  There's also the famous "wax on.  wax off."  from the original Karate Kid .
There's never a dull moment.  I think that's part of why I keep going back.  

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