Sunday, April 10, 2011

altering the plan for this week.

I can't believe I already feel like I have a routine.  It's only been two weeks.   Yet my body sent me a reminder today that I haven't been at this very long yet...yeah dear ole Auntie has dropped in for her monthlyish visit. 
Part of me says how do I do this?  I can't just take the week off!  Part of me says, be a big girl.  Go look at the schedule.  No aqua aerobics for you this week. period.
I'm so thankful Monday is a planned light day.  Tai Chi is fun, easy, and needs no rescheduling.
Tuesday, it's a 5:45am day.  I check the schedule.  My alternative is body shaper.  Perfect!  I want to try that class anyway.
Wednesday is an off day.  After last week I realize have a second day off midweek is probably a good idea for now.  If the weather allows, I'll walk with the tweedles down to the park.
Thursday, the other 5:45am class is Pilates.  As much as I'd prefer yoga at 9:30, this will depend on Mr. M's work from home plans.
Friday is ballet day!  I get to be a dancing hippo again!
Hopefully by Saturday I'll be able to do the pool thing again.  I hope so. 

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