Tuesday, April 26, 2011

part of learning to dance is falling.

And this weekend I was spectacularly good at falling.  Falling into sweet potato fries and a pork sandwich from Rosedale.  Falling into some fried chicken from Popeyes...Falling into my glorious Easter dinner.  The trouble with all that falling is each time, getting up again comes a little slower.  And I'm wondering if my sluggish semi-migraine today is due to all the excesses over the weekend.  So no, I haven't been to any classes since last Saturday.  Maybe I'll go to bodyshaper tomorrow as penance.  Or beg my husband to let me go to 4:30 yoga today, since dinner is pretty much a no brainer.
Odds are though, that in reality, Thursday will be the day I get up early again.  This is still better than in the past, when I've had a spectacular fall and gone "oh well.  I'm okay the way I am."  because I know I'm not.  Repentance means turning about.  Backsliding is just that, sliding back into our old ways because well, they're comfortable.  It doesn't mean they were right.  So we repent, and get on our feet, and start again.

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