Saturday, April 9, 2011

I made it!

A lot of things were "special" about going to class today.
1) I was wearing my new, one size smaller, swimsuit.  I can't believe I went down 1 whole size in just 2 weeks.  Woot! 
2) The OP farmer's market launched today, so I really had something fun to do after class.
3) I woke up fifteen minutes before my alarm, ready to go, with no child assistance.
4) I used my favorite shower stall after class.  (and I've been to enough classes to feel like I have a favorite!)
5) After class, I had to stop at QT to feed dh's car, and craved a cheese stick instead of a muffin.  (I don't eat breakfast until after class, something I may want to change on Saturday.)
6) I went.  I didn't let missing Thursday throw me off my groove.  I'm learning to be flexible.
7) I wasn't wiped out after class.  I came home to a fun filled day of yard work.  It was a perfect day outside.
It was a pretty perfect day overall.

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