Monday, April 18, 2011

Climb back up on that horse again.

Okay, so last week kind of crashed and burned around Wednesday.  I went to "body shaper" at noon, and was easily the most unshaped person there.   I was also the youngest person there by at least a decade.  Somehow, that always gets my determination not to be decrepit to the next level.  Unfortunately, sometimes pushing myself to the next level takes me out completely.  About midway through the class, my body had a "you've got to be kidding me" moment. 
In body shaper, they use free weights and the latest in torture toys, the "bosu."  A bosu is kind like the top third or so of a balance ball attached to a board w/ handles.   I had survived doing squats standing on the bosu,  doing arm exercises on the bosu, and attempting to do ab exercise on the bosu.  The next exercise was to flip the bosu over, so the flat part was up, and do push ups while balancing the bosu.  Just trying to comprehend that exercise had my head spinning, and my arms tingling, literally.  So I had to take a time out.
I did recover and get to do the rest of the class.  I even kind of enjoyed the tug of war around a ring using a giant elastic strap type exercises.  The last one was running across the bosu's lined up, round side up.  Part of the point was moving fast.  I don't move fast on flat ground.  Some finale.  My hips felt like jello. 
I went home and slept the whole afternoon.  I so LOVE my husband.  He even started dinner not to wake me.
On Thursday, I vowed to myself to do better.  Unfortunately no one sent Si Guy that memo.  We were already running late for yoga, and he had a "why should I have to pee in a strange toilet" moment?  Or rather, hour.   I was in yoga for about 30 minutes before the child care people retrieved me.  It took another 30 minutes to convince him he'd feel a lot better if he'd just "get it done."  By then it was too late to rejoin the class, so I hastily retrieved my belongings and took the screamer home.  Once home and in dry clothes he was much better.  Unfortunately I wasn't.  It seems my crash-fest Wednesday wasn't from working out too hard.  It was from being on the verge of getting sick.  So Thursday & Friday were shot...and Saturday I was utterly unmotivated to get out of bed.
So that brought us to Sunday insanity and getting back out there today.
I'm so glad Monday is Tai Chi day.  It's by far my favorite class, and it's at a decent hour.  Yes some of the moves are open targets for humor.  We can-can, chicken dance, and do ballet-like poses.  It's full of spicy, smart mouthed elderly people.  Never a dull moment.  So today was a good day.
Tomorrow at 4:45am, I hope I remember.

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