Saturday, April 2, 2011

What a big school of fishes today!

This morning when I walked into my 7:30 am aqua aerobics class I was stunned.  The pool had soooo many people in it.  V cracked "what happened today?  Are they having a sale?"  That said, the extra large class made it more fun for me.  It's hard to be self conscious when just one of many.  It's the classes of five to ten that are most intimidating for me.
Our routine today was adapted for the large class size.  Some parts were easier.  Some parts (like the cross country section) were harder.  The extra people made for extra resistance! 
Our new-to-me toy of the day were aqua dumbbells.  I really like them.  They come in various resistance levels, and are easy to maneuver.  We also had the noodles, but no pole dancing positions today.  I think that as long as the teacher is V instead of R I'll be safe.

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