Monday, April 4, 2011

There are days when just going is a victory.

I don't care if it was yoga for wimps.  I went.
Part of me whispered "feed the kids lunch first and go to bodyshaper."
 But, it was hard enough going to an eleven o-clock class.  I couldn't imagine my motivation lasting until noon.  Besides, my body has a shape.   It's shaped kind of like an egg on one of those easter-egg holder cylinders, fat side down. 
The way it was, in the parking lot,...after the renegades escaped unassisted, and made it to the drain cover on the edge of the parking spaces...
"Never mind kids.  I can't do this today.  Just get back in the van."
Then I found my card laying in the wood chips.  Part of me was really relieved.  Part of me said "Damn."
So I went.  And it was chair yoga.  I was reminded of how my hips have enough space in them to play guitar w/ the ligaments.  I was reminded breathing is an important skill, one that I often forget w/ the tweedles.  I was reminded to open my ribcage, and suck it all in.  (Okay, "gently draw in your navel to your spine to feel strong."  The word navel still makes me crave oranges.
 As class was dismissed, I could here the music from body shaper next door.  I could "feel" the energy.  Part of me still felt a little guilty for going to a lighter class.
I stuffed that part w/ a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich.

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