Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Today things went swimmingly

I'm not sure if it's because today was a noodle and board free day, or if I'm starting to get the routine down, but aqua aerobics seemed a bit easier during class today.  Maybe it was because there was a new person, so I wasn't the only one making waves. Maybe it was the waterbell weights.  They really do a good job working and stabilizing.  I like them a lot.  I kind of like the human jello feeling I have after class too.
The only downer today was I forgot my water shoes.  They really make a difference with all that jumping around, twisting, and "skiing."  I intend to upgrade them soon, but first I have a higher priority.
My suits are getting baggier in the behind.  That means I get to buy a smaller size!  This is both a blessing and a curse, because the makers of swimsuits have deemed that large busted fat people who want to be active in their suits must not exist.   I enjoy showing off my cleavage as much as the next busty gal, but a coed aqua aerobics class is not the place to do it.   The girls need to stay put, not make waves of their own.  While some active suits do exist, their makers think we must be made of money, because most of the "suitable" suits I've seen so far are $100+.  I go to aqua aerobics 3x a week.  I really could use two suits.  I cannot afford even one suit at that cost in the here and now.  Not to mention I hope the downward size thing is a trend.  I definitely can't invest that kind of money every couple of months into just one item.  I have six kids.  They have needs too.
So I guess for now I'll "just keep swimming."

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