Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today was a double class day.

I DID make it to aqua aerobics at 5:45 this morning...but I wasn't quite awake.  Something just didn't feel "right" in the water.  Then I realized I'd forgotten to take my short off. 
So off they came and I threw them out of the pool, but they still didn't dry before the end of class.  At least I remembered my water shoes today.  They make a HUGE difference in the stability of my footing, and the impact on the balls of my feet.  All in all, a great hour in the water. 
So good, that I came back at 9:30 for yoga.  I still think downward dog is an ancient torture method, but I am able to do it now!  I could hardly believe it.  I even was able to do some of the leg extensions with it.  If you look back, this was the position on day one that I called "the total muscle failure position."  I am truly amazed at how much my abilities have improved in just four weeks.  Yet my yoga abilities are definitely still best described by the "child" position.  I have a long way to go.

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