Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yoga, no prefixes, just yoga.

Yesterday was a scrap day.  I tried to go to the noon class, but Si Guy's lack of second pair of pants stopped me.
Thursday is normally going to be an aqua aerobics day, but miss P had a 7:30am dentist appointment, so that didn't happen either.
That left yoga.  Not chair yoga, or gentle yoga, just yoga.  So yoga it was.
I had a little trepidation about going to "regular" yoga.  I mean gentle yoga left me in tears for parts of it a mere thirteen days ago.  But I sucked it in and went anyway.  I'm glad I did.  This class went way better than I thought it would.
Part of the difference was the studio floor.  This class was in the cycle room minus the cycles, but that meant there was a nice cushy rubber mat on the floor over the slick hardwood.  My bones definitely appreciated that.  There's a ledge for leaving shoes and stuff.  I liked that too.
The other difference was the instructor.  While pushed to challenge ourselves, she offered modifications to the poses more readily than the instructor of the gentle yoga did, and this class didn't hold the poses as long.  She's just subbing for this week and next though, but I already know I like E, the one who regularly teaches this class too.   I may have to make Thursday a two class day. 
I'm not saying I fully buy into all aspects of everything yoga.  The room being warm today did help soften my muscles, but I still don't think of sweating as detoxification.  I think of it as air conditioning.  I don't buy the positive/negative energy thing either.  I do believe that controlling our thought life is important though.   I am not trying to empty myself.  I am trying to be filled by Christ.  I do think it's good to be self aware though.  It's the first step to self control.
I just hope I have enough self control to keep moving further on and further in.

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