Friday, April 8, 2011

Dance, hippo, dance

Yes, today I went to my second ballet barre class, and really liked it.  I'm not good at it in any shape, way, or form, but it is fun.  It's also a really, really, good core workout, but since I'm focused so much on where and what angle my hands and feet are at, and learning all the cool french words, I don't really realize it until I think "gee, my butt/abs/back are sore," after class.   I can't spell the french words, but tip-toed frog squats, pointy toe jumps, and hip turns are considered basic in this class.   It's nice to learn a sequence that has flow to it.  The music is pleasant.  (Sometimes yoga & tai chi leave me craving crab rangoon and hot tea.)  The steps we're learning are hard.  Not looking at my feet is harder, but overall it's great fun.  If they add the running scissor split jumps,  I may reconsider.

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